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Rome:Total War Bildiğiniz Tüm Konsol Komutlarını Yazarmısınız???


Royal Pikemen Commander:
Rome:Total War Bildiğiniz Tüm Konsol Komutlarını Yazarmısınız tabii 1.6 Versiyonunda çalışan komutları???

* Halife *:
create_unit "general's name" "unit name" "#"   Add units to selected general. Example "create_unit "Gaius Julius" "roman velite" 2 "
adjust_sea_bed <value>   Adjusts sea bed to specified height
add_population "settlement name" "amount"   Allows you to give a city more population automatically. Max amount is 4000.
give_trait "character" "trait" "level number"   Allows you to give any trait your faction can have to a specific general.
process_cq "settlement name"   Anything in the city's building queue will be built automatically.
filter_coastlines   Applys filter to world map coastlines
capture_settlement <city name>   Captures indicated city
season <summer/winter>   Changes season
date <year>   Changes year
clear_messages   Clears all stacked messages
process_cq "CityName"   Completes the construction instantly of any town/city
oliphaunt   Create a unit of Yubtseb Elephants
create_building "city" "building name"   Creates a building in the named city.
diplomacy_mission   Creates diplomacy mission
create_unit "Settlement/Unit" "unit name" "Amount" "experience" "defences" "attack"   creates unit in a place or unit instantly with experiences/defence/attack if put
<command> ?   Display help for listed command
show_terrain_lines   Displays defensive terrain features
Jericho   Enemy's walls collapse.
reset_display   Forces display reset cycle
force_battle_defeat   Forces local player's alliance to lose the battle
force_battle_victory   Forces local player's alliance to win the battle
force_diplomacy <accept/decline/off>   Forces opponent to accept diplomatic proposal
give_trait "General/FamilyMember" "Trait" "Level"   gives a general/family member a trait instantly
mp <value>   Gives character movement points
give_trait_points   Gives character trait points
give_ancillary <character> <ancillary>   Gives indicated character the indicated ancillary
add_money "amount"   Gives you the specific amount of denarii you want. Max amount of 40000.
kill_character <character>   Kills specified character
list_characters   Lists all character in the world
list_traits   Lists all traits
list_units   Lists all units in an army
list_ancillaries   Lists available ancillaries
invulnerable_general "general's name"   Make the general invulnerable, may only work on battlefield
move_character <name> <x,y>   Moves indicated character to specified coordinates
regenerate_radar   Regenerates radar
reload_textures   Reloads all textures
reload_shaders   Reloads all vertex shaders
kill_faction <value>   Removes faction from the game
character_reset   Resets character to settings at start of turn
run_ai   Restarts an AI turn sequence
amdb_max <value>   Sets aerial map overlay depth bias for maximum zoom
amdb_min <value>   Sets aerial map overlay depth bias for minimum zoom
amdb_offset <value>   Sets aerial map overlay offset towards camera
diplomatic_stance <value>   Sets diplomatic stance between two factions
set_building_health <value>   Sets health of building of specifed type in a settlement
ai_turn_speed <value>   Sets max speed of turn processing during AI round
show_battle_paths   Shows all valid processed paths in pathfinder
show_cursorstat   Shows cursor position and region ID
show_landings   Shows landing positions available to AI from a given region
show_battle_street_plan   Shows street plan for the settlement
victory   Shows victory message for faction for short or long campaign
control <value>   Switches player control to specified faction
building_debug   Toggles building's debug mode
toggle_restrictcam   Toggles camera restrictions
toggle_flowing_water   Toggles display of campaign map flowing water
nw_stats   Toggles display of network stats
toggle_perfect_spy   Toggles everyone's spying ability to perfect with infinite range
toggle_fow   Toggles on or off the fog of war. You can see the whole world map when inputted.
toggle_overlay   Toggles overlay
toggle_pr   Toggles PR mode
toggle_coastlines   Toggles strategy map coastline display
display toggle_tow   Toggles tabbed output window
toggle_terrain   Toggles terrain to display various data sets
toggle_underlay   Toggles underlay
trigger_advice   Triggers advice
upgrade_effect   Triggers unit upgrade effect
disable_ai   Turns off both enemy and ally AI
auto_win "attacker/defender"   When at the battle scroll, input this code in, attacker if attacking, defender if defending and press auto retaliate button. Automatically wins.
zoom <value>   Zooms to specified aerial map zoom

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