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Diplomacy Tweaks Mod
« : 21 Haziran 2014, 08:05:20 »
Realm Divide'ın etkilerinden bezen tayfa için hazırlanmış harika bir mod

Trade starts at 12 and creeps upwards to 85.
(Formerly started at 15 and went up to 40. Why start at 12? To make sure the mod is working, it's easy to check :P)

Alliances now start at 20 and creep up to 85.
(Formerly started at 100 and fell slowly to 40. I never understood why alliances got worse over time.)

The Realm Divide penalty now caps at -120, so if you have an old ally and trade partner they should stick around, unless you've really upset them some other way.
(Formerly capped at -200, which was enough to kill your long time allies and trade partners. I figured that made no sense.)


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